Friday, June 30, 2006

Editor Bio: Ms Sisyphus

I started blogging as Ms Sisyphus about a year and a half ago. The name comes from that feeling that so many parents, especially single parents, have--that it's one long slog. Which is not to say that it's not a wonderous and fulfilling experience, just that there's a lot of just keeping on keeping on involved.

I'm a teacher by trade, and have a degree from The University of Western Ontario to prove it. I love teaching, but have spent most of the last 2 years wrangling the Zen Baby--who is slowly morphing into a Shaolin Toddler--and The Diva Girl. This SAHM thing, it's different. It's mindnumbingly boring, and yet ultimately deeply fulfilling. So much so that I've decided to return to teaching as a substitute, and focus my energies on launching a freelance writing career and honing my skills as the ultimate playmate.

I used to write for dotmoms, and have a blog over on iVillage chronicling the ups and downs of solo parenting. My interests are wide and varied, but like Eden, I'd put "Writing, having sex and pissing people off" near the top of the list. Joaquin is cute and all, but let's be honest, he's no Vin Diesel.

I live in Southwestern Ontario with the Ladies, some mice, and now, a displaced hermit crab.


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