Friday, June 30, 2006

Editor bio: Stephanie Lenz

"Eden" is a sobriquet I use in almost all of my online ventures. It's my craft name and my erotica pseudonym as well. As an editor, I use my real name but in blogging I go by Eden. In the case of Sweet Beatrice, I'll answer to either.

I'm a full-time baby wrangler to my daughter "Zosie" and my son "Hal." I've been writing professionally since 1995 and did my first real editing work in 1991. I have a degree in creative writing from Florida State University and cofounded Toasted Cheese in 2001.

My favorite people are articulate, funny, creative and kind. When asked, I answer that my interests are "Writing, having sex and pissing people off." I also have a deep and abiding lust for Joaquin Phoenix.

I live in western Pennsylvania with my husband (Hawkeye), the two younglings and a very large dog named Jake.


Anonymous CrankMama said...

YOU LOVE JOAQUIN TOO??? Could he be any hotter? I think not!!

Love your bio.

2:29 PM  

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