Friday, August 11, 2006

Cool shit for your family

Eden: Extremely Informative Period Chart by Keri Smith. Whether you're trying to conceive or tracking your PMS for the whole family's sake, that handy little chart can keep track of your cycles for a whole year. It's 4" x 6" printed on 100% recycled cardstock, with soy-based inks and absolutely lovely to look at. I got mine when she first came out with them and last month when I couldn't find it, I was lost! It's useful, it's beautiful and buying one supports the artist. Why not?

Ms S: Continuous Sunscreen Spray from Coppertone. This stuff is like liquid gold, but if you've got kids, your sanity might just be worth the hefty price tag. No more squeezing thick, gloopy lotion out of a resistant tube. No more vigorously working a spraypump to eventually spurt out an uneven blob that still has to be rubbed in to the body part in question. No more wrestling holds on recalcitrant toddlers as you fight the skin cancer battle. This stuff sprays so quickly and easily, you may be finished with the whole ordeal before your kids even realize it's begun. If not, it sprays at any angle, so no matter how hard they twist and turn, they won't be able to avoid being protected from the sun. Since I'm a big baby and don't like the feel or hassle of sunblock any more than my kids, I use this too (this goes for both of us; I love me some continu-spray Coppertone! It even smells good -- Eden).

Ms S: Sunblock Stick from Neutrogena. Let's face it, nobody enjoys the sensation of slathering on the sunblock. And the new areosols, while excellent for solving that problem for arms, legs, and back, aren't too practical when it comes to the face. Trust me on this; I've experimented and I know. I'd resigned myself to the clogged pore slimy horror as the lesser of two evils when I stumbled across this stick and figured I'd give it a try. It's amazing! No more squeezing; no more slime. Simply twist the stick, and rub it on. It's oil free, SPF 30, broad spectrum, and tiny enough to drop into a purse, beach tote, or diaper bag. Now there's no excuse not to wear your sunscreen.

Eden: Two cleaning products that, if you haven't yet discovered, you should check out.

Mr Clean Magic Eraser. There are sponges of all kinds and now a floor mop! Cleans crayon off wood, glass, anything. Gets out scuff marks. You name it, not matter how old the mess, and the Mr Clean Magic erasers will help you get rid of it. Works great on dried high chair tray mess.

The other is the Spray & Wash Dual Power. I used this on some dried, old cheap-generic-Popsicle stains and it removed them. It was a white shirt, one that I thought was a goner. I was out of town when the stain occurred so it got no pretreatment yet the S&W DP got it out not problem. Since then I've tried it on all kinds of food stains, grass stains, blood stains, poop stains, etc., some not exactly fresh, and it worked wonders.


Blogger thordora said...

DON'T get the banana boat spray. It's not so much a spray as it is a gloop pretending to spray. Ich.

The Magic Eraser is god.

3:58 PM  
Blogger Eden said...

Same goes for the Banana Boat facial stick. My husband picked that one (I would never pick a Banana Boat product) and we ended up taking Zosie into the ER b/c she got the shit in her eyes.

4:04 PM  
Blogger karrie said...

I love the Neutrogena stick sunscreen, so of course, they will discontinue it. I need to start hoarding. The stuff even smells good.

9:06 PM  

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